Only providing the best, our consultants have worked in their specialised fields for years, gaining valuable industry experience which they utilise to identify the best solutions for your company.



We only provide consultants who have extensive experience in the industry in which they are working and who understand your specialised needs.



Our goal is to make a difference from day one, working with you to help drive your business forward.



We specialise in providing top-down consultancy services for financial services, retail and government sectors.




Iced Carbon, founded in 1995, has provided consultants to Investment Banking, Retail and Government clients for over 20 years.

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Program Management

Co-ordinating huge programmes of changes across a multitude of business areas is a challenge which Iced Carbon can help you with.


We have delivered small and large scale IT system changes and process to a wide variety of companies.


Regulation is constantly changing, with the advent of Sarbanes Oxley, MIFID and Basel 2, the financial sector is faced with huge challenges in implementing a large number of key changes across the bulk of their business processes and IT systems.


CyberSecurity threats are on the increase and we can help you to protect your internal and external assets in the era of 'big data' and hybrid cloud solutions.         


As more and more government departments look at e-enablement. We can provide the experience required to integrate new systems and solutions required.

Methodology Agnostic

Agile, DevOps, Waterfall, RAD, Prince, etc. - We can work with whatever methodologies your company uses.    









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